We’re supporting the Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme launched in autumn 2020 and it’s a new initiative from the government which is creating job placements for young people aged 16-24 years old.

The scheme helps people who are on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment the chance to gain valuable work experience and gain skills in any chosen sector.  

Here at Reach, we’re committed to securing work placements for young people across our communities and within the South Liverpool area.  Working in partnership with Employability Solutions and Garston Jobcentre, we are securing 100 kickstart placements for young adults throughout 2021. 

Why choose the Kickstart Scheme?

The scheme provides young people with a paid job placement and the opportunity to develop work experience from a wide range of companies. There’s also a possibility that you might be able to progress to an apprenticeship within the same company or it may lead you to opportunities elsewhere.  

The duration of each placement is six months, and you will be paid national minimum wage. You need to be aged 16-24 and participants will be expected to work 25 hours a week 

If you’re wondering whether the Kickstart scheme is right for you, in summary it’s a unique opportunity to gain work experience, in just six months. An apprentice studies for a qualification alongside in-work experience, whilst Kickstart placements allow you to develop a range of new skills that equip you for the world of work immediately.  

If you are interested in Kickstart placements or would like to speak to someone then please contact us via email at reach@southliverpoolhomes.co.uk for more information.

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